April 14, 2021

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> Cookie FAQ
Cookie FAQ

1.  How come I kept on getting "session time-out" message when I try to create a new account or try to login?
Our service requires cookie to function. Browser cookie is essential to providing functions such as shopping cart, login...etc. You just need to turn on the cookie in your browser.
2.  How do I turn on cookie in my browser?
It's simple, just follow these steps for your browser type.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 

Go to "Tools" on the horizonal menu bar, select "Internet options", then click on "security" tab, click on "customer level...", scroll down and find "cookie", select "enable" for either one of the two cookie options, then click "OK".

Go to "Edit" on the horizontal menu bar, select "Preference", click on 
"Privacy and Security" on the menu to the left, click on "cookie", select "Enable cookies for the originating web site only", then clcik "OK". 
3.  What is a cookie?
Cookie is used by websites to store a small piece of information on your hard disk. When you visit our site, the cookie enables us to track what's in your shopping cart and whether you're logged in to your Account Manager. More information about cookie can be found in the "Help" menu of your browser. 
4.  I am still experiencing the problem after cookie is turned on, what can I do next?
Please write to support@domainprocessor.com, be sure to include your browser type (IE, Netscate, AOL etc.) and browser version (version 5.5, version 6.2 etc.).

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