April 14, 2021

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Help > Email Forwarding

• How do I setup email forwarding for my domain name?
Log into your Account Manager (http://www.DomainProcessor.com/accountlogin.asp) and follow the instructions to setting your email forwarding for your domain name.

• How does email forwarding work?
Emails sent to your domain name's email addresses (e.g. yourname@yourdomain.com) are forwarded to a destination email address that you've specified.

yourname@yourdomain.com   youremail@otherdomain.com

• Why do I need email forwarding?
You may be in the process of creating a website and do not have a live website yet, but you can begin to establish and brand your online presence by setting up emails with your domain name. You start to build a professional image when you use the email from your domain name instead of yourname99382@hotmail.com

• What is the difference between a POP3 email address and an email alias?
POP3 emails are email address that store emails on the mail server (e.g. email address at AOL/Earthlink/Hotmail). Email aliases at DomainProcessor serve to forward emails, they do not have a space on the mail server to store emails. One can not differentiate whether an email is an alias or POP3 email by looking at it. Only the setup is different.

• How many email aliases can I setup?
You can setup up to 30 email aliases.

• How do I add a new email alias?
To set up a new email alias, simply log into your Account Manager and create a new email alias and enter the destination email.

• Once I setup an email alias, does it work right away?
It will begin to work within thirty minutes! If you've just registered a new domain name, you will have to wait a few hours before email forwarding begins to function.

• What is "capture-all" email alias?
Capture-all email alias serves to capture all the emails sent to your domain name's email addresses which do not exist or were not set up as email aliases. This is a great service because you'll never lose emails which may have been mistyped.

For example, you set up a forwarding email john@johnsmith.com. A friend sends you an email but mistypes it to jjohn@johnsmith.com. With capture-all email alias, this email will be automatically forwarded to a specified POP3 email. Without capture-all email, the mistyped email will be returned/bounced back to the sender.

• How do I set up "capture-all" email alias?
To set up capture-all service, enter nobody@yourdomain.com and enter an email to where you would like to forward the captured emails to.

• How come I don't need to set up an User ID and password for my email alias?
You do not need to set up User ID and password for your email alias because email aliases serve only to forward emails to a destination email address. Alias emails do not have a space on the mail server like a POP3 to store emails, therefore you do not need User ID and password to retrieve emails.

• Do you provide POP3 email address for my domain name?
Currently we do not provide POP3 email address.

Step-by-step instructions to setting up Email Forwarding

Step 1
Login to your Account Manger by entering your username and password.

Step 2
Select the domain name that you would like to modify.

Step 3
Then click on the Email Forwarding from the menu located on the left hand side of page.

Step 4
Click the "Add New" button at the bottom of the page to add a new forwarding email account..

Step 5
Enter the prefix (e.g.. johns@johnsmith.com) and specify to where you would like to forward your emails to. When you are finished entering the info, click the "Update" button.

I still have questions after reading the FAQ, whom should I contact?
Please click here to email your inquiries to our staff. We will respond to your question within 24 hours.

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