April 14, 2021

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Help > General Questions

• What are the Free Services at DomainProcessor?

When you register your domain name through DomainProcessor, you'll be getting these services: Free Account Manager to manage your domain name (modify admin, tech, billing contact, transfer DNS, activate URL forwarding, setup email forwarding, and initiate registrar transfer), free domain parking and free underconstruction page.

• If I'm still paying a fee to the registrar, what am I saving by registering with DomainProcessor.com?
DomainProcessor.com processes your domain registration and deals with the rigors of locking down your internet domain name. Other services on the internet often charges from $50 to $100 per registered domain for processing on top of the registry/InterNIC charge.  So you're saving practically $50-$100 dollars for registering through DomainProcessor.com.

• How long will it take for my registration to complete?
It generally takes 24 hours or less to register a new domain name through DomainProcessor.com.

• How do I know when my domain name has been registered?
You will receive an email notification when your domain name registration has been completed.

• What will people see if they access my domain name?
A generic under construction page will be displayed when someone tries to browse your domain site.  If you have activated the URL forwarding in your Account Manager, the viewer will be directed to the site that you have specified.  

• Can I change my domain name?
No. Once your domain name is registered you can not change it.  You may choose not to renew it once the term expires. 

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