April 14, 2021

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Registrar Transfer FAQ

• What is a registrar?
A "Registrar" (or "Domain Name Registrar") is an organization that has control over the granting of domains within certain TLDs (top level domains, like the generic .com/.org/.net or country-specific .ca/.us/.mx etc.).

• Am I the registrar of my domain name?
No. You are not the registrar of your domain name. Instead, you are the registrant/owner of your domain name.

• Are there any requirements that I must meet before initiating registrar transfer for my domain name(s)?
Yes. There are three requirements:
  1. Your domain name must have been registered for more than 60 days.
  2. The administrative contact email to your domain name is valid and you have access to it.
  3. Your domain name is not on hold by your current registrar (due to expired domain, unpaid balance).

• How do I initiate registrar transfer of my domain name?
Enter the domain name(s) that you would like to initiate registrar transfer in the registrar transfer page. This is followed by an email with instructions to make the payment ($20 fee per domain name, $39.95 for .CN domain name - an additional year will be added to your remaining registration term). After making the payment, you will need to authenticate the request. 

• What are the steps in the process of registrar transfer?
There are three steps to registrar transfer:
  1. Initiate request for registrar transfer of your domain name
  2. Make the payment for registrar transfer
  3. Authenticate the transfer registrar request

• How much does it cost to transfer the registrar of my domain name?
The registrar transfer fee is $20 per domain name, $39.95 for .CN domain name.  The fee adds an additional year to your existing registration term. For example, if you've registered your domain name with Network Solutions, and it has 2 remaining years of registration term, after the registrar transfer is completed it will expire in 3 years.

• Are there any additional fees other than the $20 registrar transfer fee?
No. You will only pay $20 per domain name ($39.95 for .CN domain name) for the registrar transfer fee which adds an additional year to your domain name.

• What free services do I receive when I transfer my domain name to DomainProcessor's registrar?
You will be able to manage your domain name through your Account Manager at DomainProcessor. Features include: contact modification, DNS update, URL forwarding, email forwarding, and new domain name registration. You will be in total control of your domain name.

• How long does it take for the registrar transfer process to complete?
It takes one to two weeks. 

• Why does registrar transfer take so long?
There are several levels of authentication that involves the registrars and the registrant. This is to ensure that the person who initiates and approves the registrar transfer is the registrant of the domain name.

• What problems could delay/void the registrar transfer process?
The are a few problems which may delay/void the process:

1. Domain has expired with the existing registrar
2. Domain is registered for less than 60 days
3. Domain is involved in a legal dispute
4. There is dispute over the identity of the domain holder
5. At the discretion of the losing registrar

• Will I receive an email notifying me that the registrar transfer has successfully completed?
Yes. When the registrar transfer of your domain name is completed, you will receive an email notification.

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