April 14, 2021

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URL/Web Address Forwarding
Register your domain name through DomainProcessor and use our Free Ad-free URL Forwarding Service! Absolutely NO advertisements on your site! Users type in your domain name and they are sent directly to your existing site. It's straight forward Free Ad-free URL Forwarding. 

  • NO pop-up ads
  • NO frame based advertisements
  • NO delayed forwarding
  • NO gimmicks
  • Just straight forward forwarding of your domain name

No more long URL addresses to remember! Get the identity you want. Host your site anywhere! Save $$ on server space!

Click here for URL Forwarding FAQ

Domain Name Keeper
Another great free service at DomainProcessor is the Domain Name Keeper. It's a great solution for domain name owners who have a web site hosted with another service provider that may provide addresses that are long or difficult to remember. The Domain Name Keeper keeps your domain name in the address field of visitors' browsers, masking the destination URL.

To enable URL Forwarding service and activate Domain Name Keeper, please click here to log into your account manager.

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